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I was searching in my bookmarks when I stumbled upon gold.

Programmer competency matrix

Introducing Sijin Joseph’s programmer competency matrix. This matrix describes four levels of programming skills. It tremendously helps me to assess my current level, to easily see the next level, and how to achieve it. A few remarks:

  • Outdated technologies: CVS and SVN version control systems have been replaced with GIT.
  • Centered on ‘hard skills’; no mentioning of soft-skills, teamwork, etc.
  • Agile skills could also be measured, but there is no mentioning of that (linked to outdated).


IMHO life is about practising, learning, growing and trusting the process in a continuous fashion in order to raise my personal standards. Whichever standard it is, it is something I can measure and grow towards.

A few inspirational video’s about standards: What You Tolerate is What You Get
Video: Kerwin Rae - What You Tolerate is What You Get

Sway - Level Up (Cahill Extended Mix)
Video: Sway - Level Up (Cahill Extended Mix)

European e-Competence Framework

This framework could be used to assess (IT) competency within organisations. There are four dimensions, 40 competencies, and 30 ICT professional role profiles.

center Image: 30 ICT professional role profiles (European model)

Other IT competency frameworks

This blogpost features two frameworks, I know there are several frameworks out there. I use these frameworks to grow to the next level.

Ask yourself: what is the level I am currently playing at? On what level do I hold myself accountable for? Go and do the work 💪.